Event Planning and Organizing – Useful Software

Being an event organizer is not a piece of cake. You need to learn how to multitask under time pressure, make sure that everything is settled, coordinate with partners and a lot more. It is not like planning a simple birthday party in which you celebrate with just your family, this task is different. Event organizers are needed when preparing for big events such as academic conference, business seminars, extravagant weddings, big concerts, etc. Imagine all the stress that you would need to handle to make sure that everything will flow smoothly.

Here’s a tip – Choose a venue. Don’t just pick random places you browsed on the internet or seen outside while walking down the street. You have to consider certain factors such as its relevance, atmosphere, and convenience to people. You have to ask yourself, is the place suitable? Or is the atmosphere appropriate to whatever may people have once it started? In addition, when you are caught between 2 stools and your client isn’t there to help you come up with a decision, you may also refer to previous customers’ reviews or feedback. Browse party halls in Orange County, this way you will have a glimpse of an idea of how the place will be during the event.

Here’s another tip – Organize your plan and your time. Remember some clients are demanding that they want the task finished at the drop of a hat. Nowadays, organizing is made even better and easier due to science and technology. Programs or software was developed to help people in classifying certain things in order to finish their task on time such as:

Useful Software for Event Planning

Eventbrite – it is software built to solve ticket problems particular in concerts, showcase, plays and a lot more. It allows you to send an email confirmation to potential customers advising them that ticket was successfully purchased and that they are a confirmed guest in the event. Although it has an extra charge, it can be pass onto the ticket buyers.

Trello – it helps in managing various tasks in a certain timetable. It allows you to create various boards that not only you can see it but also your team members that are added in your group. It allows you to collaborate with your team even though you are not with them. It is convenient to use particularly when following a certain timetable.

Social tables – it will help you in planning seating arrangements during the event. Of course, you wouldn’t want the guests to be sitting anywhere they like especially if highly respected people are invited or known to be as VIP which is normally seated or assigned at the front. What’s more, it allows you to collaborate with colleagues, caterers and venue providers.

Everwall – if your client would want the event to be advertised at the same time be known to people to attract more visitors or guests, this software is perfect for you. It helps in posting tweets about your upcoming event and allows you to customize your post. Moreover, it gives more advertising options and extensive moderation.

Cvent – this software will help you search venues for the event, housing for certain guests and a lot more. There is no need for you to trouble yourself and go through the hustle and bustle of the city just to look for the perfect place. Just utilize this software on your laptop and your problem will be solved.