Medical Care Over The Internet

Health technology targeted at patients is booming. Medical care over an internet connection would have a bright future. Today, more than ever, technology is just beginning to unravel the industry and that it will continue to help consumers get the supply they want, on their terms.


In the wake of the corona pandemic, the need for mouth-nose protection (kn95 mask coronavirus) and disinfecting materials was in high demand. While supplies have decreased, people resorted to web-based stores to meet the demand.


The World Wide Web was originally designed for the transmission of information, but today it has developed into a means of communication and is used to provide services. Organizations are increasingly relying on networks (public and private) for their daily work, which has become a necessity in recent months.


Using the Internet to Improve Patient Care Worldwide


Livongo Health


Livongo offers remote diagnostic health monitoring and runs the data through its AI and analysis software to give its customers real-time insights and actionable instructions. The company launched its program for those who need to cope with diabetes, but other chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and behavioral therapy are now being addressed. The list of people who could benefit from this is in the millions, which gives the company many opportunities for further expansion as it revolutionizes the current standard of care.


Livongo not only approaches the break-even point but also has plenty of liquidity to implement its growth strategy. At the end of March 2020, the company had $ 368 million in cash on its books. Although stocks are already growing massively this year, I think there could still be a lot of upside potential in the coming years.


Cloudflare and Fastly


Cloudflare and Fastly were born in the cloud and are ideally positioned to meet these new needs. They are also leaders in introducing the edge computing paradigm out of the network, processing data, and algorithms from a central data center closer to the end-user.


These small companies made their stock market debut in 2019 and have quite a few overlaps. Both are cloud-based networks for the delivery of digital content (content delivery networks, or CDNs for short). Cloudflare also offers various security services for companies, entrepreneurs, and individual software developers. As the world has been pushed further towards digitization in recent months due to the economic standstill, Cloudflare and Fastly have grown significantly recently.