The Advancements of Technology and its Pros and Cons

student-849821_960_720The progress of new technologies has been happening since the start of human history. From the creation of items such as the spear and knifes made from sticks and rocks to assist in the shooting and killing of animals for food, to things such as the very first printing press and the pc.

The progress in technology has been tremendously quickly from the 20th and 21st century. With digital machines and technology being produced and enhanced all of the time, it was quite possible that combined with all the positive elements of the new advancements, individuals would also think of the negative aspects and also seem to criticise new technologies.


Daily a different business brings out something more innovative in an effort to win the customer war against the other corporation. This consumerism is driving the speed of progress faster and faster every year. Apple brought a telephone that may literally do everything and no other firm in the cell phone market can compare to it. Not only can you make telephone calls and text, but you might also watch movies, take pictures and videos, listen to songs, link to the world wide web, you’d program’s for virtually anything.

It is the program marketplace that actually blew the other cell phone companies from the market in the moment. You can download books, games, news, social media websites in seconds. Obviously this was a favorable as individuals could use the telephone to store information for work, education and amusement.

Nevertheless, the negative claims started too, too pricey, fast battery power reduction and may a device similar to this prevent face to face communication collectively to name only a couple of claims. 

Among the largest damaging claims seen in previous years was contrary to the improvement of gaming technologies. A game named Grand Theft Auto was designed as well as the sport consisted of stealing cars, shooting and damaging random folks to more offensive substance such as the prostitute characters.

Computer games have been given negative media following an episode in the USA with a single teenaged boy that shot two police men and a dispatcher murdering them. However he wasn’t old enough to be enjoying the game in the first location. The media this progress in technology were hoping to make out the games console and the game was changing and interrupting the young boys existence, they lent him to have stated `’Life is a video game.

A Friend to Humankind

One could see the advantages and how technology could be viewed as a friend to humankind which ‘it makes life simpler, cleaner and more. He can take it does humankind great. It is nearly a favorable claim predicated on technologies such as medical advancements like x-ray apparatus and healthcare medications which help lengthen life and assist humankind.

Medical Advancements

Medical improvements have supposed that the average life expectancy of humankind has gradually been becoming older. This is a really positive component of the advancement since we could enhance health and lengthen our lives. However, these medical improvements are primarily made by firms, who then decide to monetise the progress. Firms make millions from those medical improvements, if it is helpful to save or lengthen folks then areas such as the NHS will purchase it at just about any price tag.

Moral responsibility is diminished by this greed for cash; they’ve lost the purpose of saving lives or making people healthy. They’re just generating progress in technology so as to create a good deal of cash. That technology generates ‘a civilization with no ethical base’ and undermines societal relationships between people. This can now be viewed together with the debate over social media websites online.

Effect in the Society

It had been created for individuals to communicate and community, nevertheless a few people today use it as their sole form of communication with different men and women. This will not always help their social abilities in the outside and real world on the world wide web. It makes things such as knowing facial expressions and body language difficult to grasp.

Tech doesn’t have a head of its own, but it what many of those negative claims are indicating and are fearful of. The reduction of heritage can also be a panic that comes through to nearly all the unwanted claims. They could scarcely find the advantages of technologies since they live in dread of losing their legacy and giving it some thing they fear can overrule humanity.

The speed of technological progress is growing with time, society is seeking to make and develop simpler ways to reside and lengthen their lives. The world wide web is a huge source of information which huge numbers of individuals use and rely on daily. It is updated all of the time from several places throughout the world and is preserving the history and legacy of this planet we live in.