Topping An ‘Over-The-Top’ iPhone 11 Might Be Difficult, But It Doesn’t Mean Apple Can’t Do It

Apple launched its latest batch of iPhone units two months ago, and the company is probably wasting no time developing its next offering for the year 2020. While there are no confirmed reports yet regarding the official name of the iPhone 2020 (or iPhone 12, duh), there are already rumors about the upcoming device’s advanced features. The most interesting scoop for now is the rumored quadruple rear cameras in an effort to go leaner and meaner in comparison with the current iPhone 11 Pro’s triple lens. The quad camera is also likely to be useful for 3D imaging, and possibly augmented reality (AR) mapping.


Quadruple Rear Cameras Could Be The Highlight Of iPhone 12

The Cupertino-based tech giant has launched the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro last September, which are the latest top-tier models of the iPhone line succeeding the iPhone X series. While the regular iPhone 11 variant sports the usual double camera, the high-end iPhone 11 Pro boasts triple lens shooter, which is a welcome addition to the iPhone camera technology. The camera upgrade allows the user to capture his or her subject very clearly, even with all the noise in the background. Talk about archerypower.

Some tech experts believe that the iPhone 11 Pro’s three rear camera setup is based on Huawei’s latest camera phone technology. The current iPhone 11 Pro’s camera features include an extra lens for more creative flexibility shots, while the other one will be in charge of ultra wide angle captures. Now, if Apple is poised to introduce their very first quadruple lens camera phone (although Samsung already bested them with that with its mid-range Galaxy A series phone), the fourth rear camera in iPhone 12 might be used to capture more pixels so that the imaging software can automatically repair a picture or video to fit in a subject that have been removed accidentally from the first shot.

Three Rear Cameras To Pave Way For 3D Photography and AR Mapping?

The rumors are rife that Apple’s impending upgrade of the iPhone camera is to prepare for the much-awaited 3D imaging. This setup could be powerful enough to scan the surroundings and create a three-dimensional representation of the actual environment. The camera technology is said to be so advance that it can work at distances as far as 15 feet. This is made possible by the upgrade from the dot projector system which is currently being used in the Face ID authentication. Instead of a dot projector, the iPhone 2020 model is expected to use laser technology to capture more comprehensive 3D image data.

With the mention of 3D imaging, people cannot help but speculate that the upcoming iPhone model could also highlight an augmented reality content creator. Still, all these rumors are not yet confirmed, at it is possible that these new features will be delayed until the year after 2020. Of course, the internet is always here to feed you with valuable info about this matter, so just sit tight for now and relax.