Create Your Own Mobile App with These Popular JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript FrameworkMobile app development is the process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile phones and tablets. These programs are delivered as web applications which uses the server-side or client-side processing just like JavaScript. Through programs, web developers still us web application frameworks. To stand out from the competition, a company must develop a modernized and marketable application.

Here are some frameworks which are still use on the web.


Node.js has been a popular application framework for developers because it lets them build scalable and speedy programs. It enables the programmers to manage several connections at once. It also enables them to create networking tools and web servers with the support of JavaScript and its modules which are responsible for different core functionalities.


AngularJs is another JavaScript framework which can be added to any HTML web page. It impasses knowledge to HTML with the help of extensions. If you would like to create dynamic web applications, it’s a great structural framework. Moreover, it enables you to make use of HTML. As a result of its data binding and dependency injection, you may keep the cumbersomeness coding in bay.


Developers maintain React.Js since it’s an open source Javascript library that permits web app developers to design substantial web applications. These applications consume a great number of information and you can alter them when you don’t need to reload the page. Many recommend this framework nowadays is because it provides scalability, simplicity, and speed.


If you’re interested in a flexible and minimalistic open minded framework, Express.js is what you need to go for. Developers like to use it as it’s very simple to grow and flexible. With the support of NPM modules, they improve the functionality of your site framework. Developers just need to have basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and a little comprehension of MongoDB. Since it supports dynamic code, your program code will not be complicated.

You may have heard about the frameworks we mentioned. Companies may have uses other frameworks to develop web applications but according to people; these are the most popular ones.