Innovation in Web Technology

The  continues innovations in Web Technology aims to create new solutions. This new solutions are not only utilized in technology but used in many stratum such as business, medicine, education and many more. People around the world embrace these technologies because it is very beneficial. They take advantage of what it can provide and do. These new innovations is geared towards the achievement of a better world. We stay up to date with these innovations by learning about it. The Internet provides some materials in order to make these technologies known and learned through video tutorials and articles.


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How does web technology benefit the society?


Computers cannot operate by itself nor can they communicate. Computers depend on a code of languages and multimedia packages through web technology in order to operate to its fullest.  In order for it to function to its fullest there are rules and standard techniques that website developers have to follow in achieving a goal. To achieve all these web developers should be very familiar with the following:


Java Script:

A computer language that is needed for programming or scripting. It grants complex features for web pages. Through JavaScript the web page can display a static information that can show timely updates for content, multimedia, animate images, Interactive maps, 3D graphics and many more.



A computer language responsible for style rules used in styling an HTML content. This is responsible in setting colors, fonts or laying out the content in various columns.



A computer language that is used to give structure and meaning to a web content. It is responsible in defining a paragraph, heading, data tables or embedded images and videos in a certain page. It is the markup language that we use to structure and give meaning to our web content, for example defining paragraphs, headings, and data tables, or embedding images and videos in the page.


All three are the important layers in Web Technology.  There is many more to absorb about web technology. The secret to knowing all is by research and education. We technology open’s one’s creativity and imagination. These technologies open up many opportunities. We should all be updated with the newest technologies around us.