Native apps versus Web apps

Native apps are specially programmed for an operating system, e.g. iOS, and then run exclusively on iOS devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad. This ensures that all interfaces to hardware function uniformly and that the resources of the device are used optimally.

A web app is basically nothing more than a specially programmed HTML5 website that recognizes the end device and displays the content optimized for it. This has the great advantage that any device that has a browser can use the app. Depending on the requirements of the app, native apps or web apps may be the better choice.


Which applications are native apps better for?

  • Apps that use device hardware extensively, such as location-based services, games that use the gyroscope, apps that use other areas of the smartphone, such as address books or telephone functions
  • Due to the lack of possibilities for three-dimensional programming with HTML / JavaScript, 3D games can almost only be implemented as a native app
  • When push messages that the user receives even when the app is only active in the background must be sent

Which applications are web apps better for?

  • Cross-operating system applications: Do you want to address not only the iPhone, but also Android and Windows Phone / Windows 8 users? If technically possible – and thanks to HTML5, a lot is possible from offline data storage to the use of the device hardware – you save not only significant costs when running as a web app, but also effort in project management.
  • If there is already a (professional) website or online shop that is to be made accessible to mobile devices, the web app is preferable because it is important to serve the users of all operating systems at manageable costs
  • Product presentations, short-term events, gags and everything that should be spread easily with a short lifespan. This app would surely be good if you are preparing a product presentation for cool sculpting in New Jersey.
  • Special interest topics: need access to the widest possible audience at low cost: here, web apps also score points due to their faster marketability and easier problem solving


Knowing the importance of web technology in your life would make your project easier whatever it is.