The benefits of web applications in todays technological era

Web-based applications have transformed over recent years and with major improvements in security and technology Traditional software-based applications and systems will be easily be improved by migrating them to a web-based application.

What is a web-based application?

A web-based application is an application that has a website because of the interface (the ‘front-end’). Users can access the application from any computer connected to the net or Intranet, rather than using an application installed on the stand-alone computer. Web-based e-mail like Hotmail is one of the simplest samples of a typical web-based application that performs the identical functions sort of a traditional desktop application.

What are the advantages?

1. Cross-platform compatibility
Most web-based applications are way more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software. Typically the minimum requirement would be an online browser of which there are many. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari to call but a few). So whether you utilize Windows, Linux, or Mac OS you’ll be able to still run the net application.

2. More manageable
Maintaining and updating the system is way simpler, NY client updates will be deployed via the net server with ease.

3. Highly deployable
Due to the manageability and cross-platform support deploying web applications for any platform in any sort of work environment is simpler. it’s ideal where bandwidth is restricted and therefore the system and data are remote to the user. At their most deployable you merely must send the user an internet site address to log in to and supply them with internet access. Thus its huge implications allow one to widen access to varied systems, streamline processes and improve relationships by providing access to customers, suppliers, and any third parties

4. Secure live data
Larger and sophisticated systems carry more data and have separate systems and data sources. In web-based systems, these systems and processes can often be consolidated by reducing the requirement to possess separate systems. Web-based applications provide one more layer of security by removing access to the info and back-end servers.

5. Reduced costs
One can dramatically lower costs with the assistance of Web-based applications because of reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end-user system, and simplified architecture.


Web-based applications can give competitive advantages to traditional software-based systems allowing businesses to streamline information and processes with reduced costs.