Web Technology For Towing Business


You maybe know that computers don’t talk with each other the way that humans do. Rather, computers require directions or codes. These commands and binary codes permit computers to process required information. Every second, ones and zeros are administered in order to deliver you the data you need.

The techniques by which computers connect with each other through the use of mark-up languages and multimedia packages are acknowledged as web technology. During the past few years, web technology has experienced a dramatic transition, from a small number of marked-up web pages to the capacity to do very precise work on a network without interruption.


Application in online marketing for Santa Clara towing business

In order for the Santa Clara towing company to be successfully marketed online, its web presence must be expanded. This is done, for example, by using a website. Web technologies are important for the creation, structuring, and positioning of the respective content.


Web technology is everywhere

While only a few years ago separate source codes were developed for websites, smartphone apps, and computer programs for each operating system with different programming languages ​​and teams, today web technologies unite all platforms.

Today you use laptops, tablets, and smartphones on a daily basis. You expect to have a customized user experience on each device and to be able to do almost everything on the device you are currently using that you have started on another.

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Smartphones & Tablets


With smartphones, responsive design gained importance. The major device providers have invested a lot of time in web app technologies and standards.

It is now possible to develop normal websites in such a way that, despite a normal Internet browser, they also work completely without an Internet connection and update themselves in the background.


Even if the web app technology is not sufficient for the requirements of the project, it is possible to develop native applications for smartphones with web technology.

Content for the website and the smartphone app is managed centrally and application logic is used across the board, which means savings in development.

Desktop & Notebooks

It is obvious that web technologies work on the computer in the browser.

But did you know that native desktop applications can also be developed with the appropriate frameworks?

Basically, it’s about developing an application with pure web technologies. It is equipping it with a self-executing browser in a package that can be installed on computers. You won’t notice any of this in normal use.