Web Technology, Music & Lil Durk Net Worth


Digital transformation is changing business processes that are adapting to digital change through new technologies. Every industry should understand digital transformation and take it seriously.

Strikingly often, when electronic or digital innovations were invented, music also played a role. A journey through time to the most important epochs and inventions.

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Lil durk net worth: The move into digital recording technology

Music had now become digital and electronic. However, it was still stored and played back in two exceptionally analogous ways: record and magnetic tape.

It would certainly be presumptuous to give the emergence of electronic music a steering function in the development of digital storage and playback media. However, it can hardly be denied that both appropriately took place at the same time.

By the 1970s, several electronics companies had experimented with optically recording music and video data. The problem was a fundamental one. The basic principles for converting analogue signals into digital signals and back again had to be devised first.

When this was done, two companies emerged as pioneers, Sony and Philips. At the same time, both developed a disk-shaped data carrier that was scanned by laser. However, both models were much too voluminous for music and held more than half a day of audio files.


Lil durk net worth: The wildfire of digital music

MP3 technology was intended to make storage media smaller and therefore cheaper. Unfortunately, however, it came at a time when the Internet was picking up speed. Compared to uncompressed CD music files, MP3 files, which are seven to nine times smaller than of uncompressed music files, became the medium to be sent over the Internet bandwidths of the time.

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What started small quickly turned into an avalanche that almost buried the entire music industry:

  • Cheap PCs,
  • Modems or ISDN systems,
  • Software tools to convert CD tracks to MP3s,
  • File sharing exchanges,

These were the quartet that made it possible for anyone to distribute a CD to hundreds of thousands and take away as many potential customers from the music industry. The debacle is also clearly visible in graphic form: from the turn of the millennium, sales in the music industry plummeted. An unparalleled disaster that could completely ruin commercial music.

Today the music world is more digital than ever. Web technologies have found their way into almost all branches.