The Internet and Computer’s Network

The internet functions as the backbone of the World Wide Web. In essence, it is the technical infrastructure that is making the “Web” possible. In elementary explanation, the internet is a huge network of computers that are communicating altogether. It is like real estate agents that are promoting houses for sale in Corinda by communicating with customers, developers and other agents to make a successful sale. Let us talk about the internet further to have a better overview.

How does it work?

Whenever two systems have to communicate, the next part of the process is to connect them. This can be done either wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or physically by using an Ethernet cable. All computers today are capable of offering both connection types.

The network can be expanded to more computers. As a matter of fact, there’s indefinite number of computers that can be connected. But the process can be quite complicated. If your objective is to link ten computers together, then you will need forty five cables along with nine plugs for every system.

Network Challenges

In an effort to solve the network problem, every computer that is connected to the network needs to connect to a device referred to as a router. This has one job and it is to ensure that the message sent from one computer will be delivered to the correct destination. To be able to send a message from computer A to B, A has to send the message first to the router and then, it will forward the data received to B while ensuring that it will not be delivered to other systems in the network.

Once the router is added to the group, the planned ten computers in the network will only need ten cables and a single plug for every system and of course, a router that has ten plugs.

Expanding Network

The network almost comes close to the internet. But still, there’s something missing. The network is built to meet our own objectives. This is where the telephone infrastructure which is also provided by your ISP comes into play. They act as a giant router connecting thousands and even millions of computers worldwide.