Drawing The Line Between UI and UX

If you have given web development a hands-on experience while designing your own Leiebilnord website, you may have encountered web design jargons – UI and UX (stands for user interface and user experience respectively). This is based on the assumption that UI and UX designers basically have the same task, namely to create the interface or the design of a website. However, the user experience in particular encompasses much more than “just” design.

UX Design vs UI Design | What’s the Difference?



UX and UI are some of the most confused and misused terms on the web. Both are crucial for a product and belong closely together. Nevertheless, their roles are completely different: user experience design is more analytical and technical, while user interface design tends towards graphic design – albeit in a more complex way.


User Interface

The user interface or user interface describes the surface on which the interaction between man and machine takes place. The UI belongs neither to humans nor to machines. The aim is to make the user interface usable and meaningful for the user so that he can more easily make operational decisions.

According to Lamprecht, a user interface designer is crucial for every digital interface. For customers, the UI is the most important trust-building element. The UI designer has to transfer the brand character to the product. Put simply, UI design deals with the visual representation: the layout, the colors, buttons, images, illustrations, etc. It is the part of a website that the user actually sees and with which he interacts.


User Experience

The term user experience includes all aspects of the interaction of a user with a product, but also the manufacturing company and its services. UX details all targets, ideas, and responses that take place before, during, and after use. It’s about how sites are structured and organized, how users navigate from website to website – in other words: about the process that takes users from A to B. In the opinion of Michael Wörmann, UX designers come first, the satisfaction of the users with the offer. Furthermore, the so-called joy of use is an important indicator of a positive experience. It arises when the user can easily and comfortably achieve his usage goals with the help of the medium. Users get the greatest joy from a sense of achievement.


UX is not UI

So what are the differences between user experience and user interface? The most important point is – the experts on the web agree – that UX is not just about UI design. Web designers still account for a huge portion of the user experience, for the reason that UX developer generally designs the interface too.

User interface and user experience designers serve the same goal and purpose – to provide a better, simpler, and more intuitive user experience.