The Workings of the Internet not Everyone is Aware of

The internet is widely popular these days. Back then, it was more of a luxury to have an internet connection at home. But as time flies, the internet becomes more of a necessity. It’s an essential aspect in streamlining works and boosting productivity while allowing us to make instant communication to people dearest to us or even conduct business meetings.

While all these become possible with the internet, does it ever cross your mind how it actually works?

Protocols and its Functions and Importance

Basically, the internet works through packet routing network as per with IP or Internet Protocol, TCP or Transport Control Protocol and several other protocols. Protocols are basically predefined rules that specify how computers must communicate towards each other on a given network.

To give you an example, TCP has specific rule that if one computer has sent data to a different computer, the destination computer must allow the source computer know if there’s any missing data.

This way, the source will be able to resend it. Then there is also the Internet Protocol where it is specifying how computers must route the information to other systems by means of attaching the addresses to the data it sends.


All of the data sent throughout the internet is referred to as a “message”. Now, before a message is successfully sent, it is split first in several fragments which are also called as packets. These packets are independently sent. Common max size for a packet is ranging between 1000 and 3000 characters. Again, IP will set the rule how these messages must be packetized.

Understanding the Packet Routing Network

Simply speaking, this is a network that is routing packets from the source computer all the way to the destination computer. In reality, internet is made of enormous network. This network is collectively known as routers. Every router has a job to move the packets along from its source to its destination. The packet moved through various routers throughout its journey before finally reaching its destination.

Whenever the packet travels from one router to the other, this is called as a hop. You may use command line-tool traceroute if you wish to see hop packet lists between the host and you.