Which Mid Range Handheld GPS Is Best For Your Needs?

What is the best budget mid range Garmin Handheld GPS? For us to tell which among the Garmin units are the best, we have to investigate its features. Getting to know the features of each unit will help us narrow down what we exactly need and will tell which one will work for us best.  

Garmin is very popular when it comes to handheld GPS, for they supply the best quality of handheld GPS in the market. Here we will be discussing 3 models of Garmin handheld GPS and we will be identifying the best budget and mid-range GPS currently in the market. We’re going to look at etrex 20x-and-30x and the etrex touch 25-and-35. Garmin products are indeed getting at par at how technology works in mobile devices. 

What is the main difference between the units?

  • The main difference between them is the etrex 20x-and-30x is a button GPS unit, where the etrex 25-and-35 is a touchscreen unit.
  • The other thing is the mapping, they all come with so called the top-o-active mapping, which is the open-source mapping.
  • The etrex 25-and-35 you can buy bundled in with 50,000 Ordnance Survey mapping.

When you buy any mapping bundled in with a GPS unit, you are buying a far reduced price so it’s certainly going for that option.

MENUS on each Type

  • Completely different menus. We’ve got profiles on the touch range while where we’ve got a traditional menu on the other hand. On the etrex 20x-and-30x, we navigate it with the joystick but when we’re looking at the etrex touch range we now have profiles.
  • Multi-activity GPS. We should scan through the profiles by touching them and what we can do with this profiles is now a multi-activity GPS. So, we can set-up these profiles according to the activities, we can also even set-up that, when we go into each of it’s different map set that we can see.

Which generation is smarter?

  • As you can see etrex 20x-and-30x is a current generation while etrex 25-and-35 is our next generation GPS which is smarter than the current generation. As you press the start button on etrex 25-and-35 , it will automatically reset the trip and track data.
  • -35 is far easier to use and also the screen will automatically lock, and to unlock that just simply press the unlock button. Instead of navigating into the pages, we can just swipe the screen of the etrex 25-and-35.


  • The main difference between etrex 25 and etrex 35 is that etrex 35 comes with better connectivity to kaden centers and cycling and more fitness products.
  • So, if you’re a cyclist who wants that extra information, it’s better to go for that etrex 35 but most walkers would tend to be happy with etrex 25 and it’s slightly cheaper.
  • Etrex 25 and 35 both comes with electronic compass and it works a small movement rather than having to work of the satellites.
  • The etrex 20x and 30x has no Ordnance Survey Mapping. So, it’s more of an entry-level GPS unit.

From these Garmin handheld GPS units, which unit do you prefer more?