Why Do We Need Virtual Reality?

Do you ever wonder why virtual reality is becoming so important these days? or why people are investing in it? why what does it do that affects our way of life?

Virtual reality is best described through the moments—or rather the memories—of the things you experience when you have that headset on. In virtual reality, one became an active participant in an environment completely removed from reality. And that’s what makes VR a wildly different experience from watching a movie or even playing a video game.

But the million-dollar question hangs… why is it so important?

Today, let us find out why.

Virtual Reality

Unlike most forms of media, virtual reality blocks out the rest of the world in a way that doesn’t just encourage us to suspend our disbelief, but actually takes our senses for a ride and immerses us wholly in the experience.

From the outside, bystanders will see someone wearing a headset, waving their hands around, wearing a smile or a serious, focused expression on their face. But to the person wearing the headset from https://ionvr.com/best-vr/headset-for-iphone/, they’re completely drawn into a whole other world, where they can actually affect and interact with their environment in a way that just isn’t possible in any other medium.

What Virtual Reality is not

Before I tried VR, I had already formed an (inaccurate) opinion about what it’d be like. And after comparing my experience with others, I realize this is a mistake that a lot of people will make.

So before we go into the implications of VR, let’s clear up a few things first.

 Virtual Reality isn’t a fad

VR isn’t “the next step after 3D movies”. It isn’t “like having a small TV strapped to your face” either. And it’s not “just for gamers”. VR is an emerging breed of technology that will take some time to fully take root—like the automobile or even the personal computer.

Virtual Reality is not the same as augmented reality

You’ve probably experienced augmented reality before, especially if you’ve used Snapchat’s video filters to vomit rainbows or swap faces with a friend. Augmented reality (AR), as the name suggests, augments reality by applying a layer over your view of the real world. Like a heads-up display (HUD) AR enhances your perception—it doesn’t try to replace it entirely.