Your Guide to Computer and Laptop Financing


Although you can find a decent laptop for a cheap price, higher-end models can acquire expensive real quick. In response to buyers’ requirements, a number of retailers provide financing plans that make expensive laptops cheaper, as long as you can cover over time. However, when it comes to financing, there is always a catch.

If you don’t want to go directly to companies that offer computer financing, you can check on some lending services like These lending companies offer excellent loan programs.

Here’s a list of pros and cons that include funding a laptop, in addition to the financing services offered by big retailers.

The Advantages: 

  • You do not need to drop a lump sum to get your hands on a costly laptop.
  • Apparatus upgrades are occasionally included in financing strategies.

The Disadvantages: 

  • Funding is insecure; missing a payment may result in a penalty and higher rates of interest.
  • Financing through a retailer signifies a shop credit card is opened in your name for the exact amount of the purchase.
  • Zero interest can reflect badly on a charge score.
  • The shop maxes out the credit limit, which frees up your credit utilization. Thirty percent of your credit rating is dependent on your usage ratio.

Funding implies a new account is opened for the amount of your purchase, and that, in turn lessens the typical quantity of your credit history. Limitations apply for those without preexisting credit or continuous income.

Financing isn’t only a payment plan given out openly; you are asking for a new line of credit, that means a hard credit query with a retailer can lower your credit rating. More harm is done if you’re requesting new credit several times in a short period of time. These inquiries remain on your credit report for up to two decades and may hurt your score.

Companies that Offer Laptop Financing Services

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Lenovo

Funding can be helpful, but it works out only if you are confident you could pay the balance in full in a timely manner. 1 slip up, and you’ll be hit with hefty charges, interest plus a possibly damaged credit rating. If you’re good at scheduling obligations, budgeting and appreciate the additional perks retailers toss, funding can very well be well worth the effort, particularly when it comes to zero attention.

You also will need to determine what type of laptop or computer for work you’re getting and if you’re willing to update within a couple of years, which often requires a new funding strategy to shell out cash for. Overall, if you’re going to finance, read your conditions carefully before agreeing to anything.