Web Technology in Processing a Divorce in VA

Does Virginia have an occupancy need for a divorce?

Yes, it has. You must live or live in Virginia for 6 months and above before filing the paper divorce in VA. Member of the armed forces gratifies the residency need if they lived in Virginia for at least 6 months, including living on a ship with a Virginia home port or living on a civil controlled air, naval or military base located in Virginia. Members of armed forces who are based outside the United States can meet the residency requirement by showing that they lived in Virginia for 6 months and must show it immediately before the foreign assignment start.

Do We Need A Lawyer?

If your case is just simple, both of you agreed with it, you can represent yourself, but the judge will expect you to follow the rules what your attorney has given you. However, other cases are very intricate, like that those include physical custody, battle. And with simple cases, legitimate paperwork will need to stop. Ideally, it is better to get legal guidance, because making decisions will have an important, long-term result that is not so obvious. You and your spouse must have different lawyer, even though you agree on everything.

Is there A Web Technology In filing A Divorce?

Yes, web technology is the simplest way to file a divorce and it’s hassle free. You just need to visit a website hat offers online divorce and follow the steps and requirements that is needed.

Where can I discover additional details?

Check on Virginia Divorce and Family Laws, on other information regarding divorce, child’s custody and visitation, support and more.

The Court System of Virginia continues a list of Circuit Courts with simple information, which includes telephone numbers, address, and email address for the Court Clerks. Or you may contact the Clerk’s office in Virginia, Clerks office also will infirm you the new fees.

Filing A Divorce In Virginia