Web technologies: in e-commerce systems

How do today’s e-commerce systems work, i.e. shopping baskets, portals, communities, chat rooms, search engines or other web applications?, how they work and which characteristic features they offer?. The technologies mentioned are not presented in detail, rather the reader is given a comprehensive overview of the areas of application for which the individual technologies are suitable and what strengths and weaknesses they have. Starting with simple SSIs up to complex EJBs, the basic web languages ​​are described successively. Practical case studies help the reader to evaluate the web technologies themselves. The target group are web developers, computer scientists and other professional groups, that require more functionality in dynamic websites; Interested parties who want to know more about web languages, e-commerce and the practical use of a web application; computer science students.



e-Commerce is an affordable and easy-to-activate solution for selling software, digital products and services online worldwide. It is easy-to-use platform in technology infrastructure with top-class business support. A complete e-commerce solution starting from the order page of your shop, with everything you need for your successful online business.


Worldwide sales require complex systems and services to be set up to manage the entire day-to-day business, no matter how big your business is. You have to defend yourself against attempted fraud, comply with regulations and get a grip on complex international tax scenarios, you have to work with banks and payment providers. e-Commerce relieves you of these and other complexities of online trading. You don’t have to worry about putting different solutions together and working together. With e-Commerce you get everything from a single source.



Developers are constantly investing in e-commerce technology and self-service tools so that you can bring the product to market quickly with the latest and greatest e-commerce experience and manage our systems yourself as quickly as possible. That makes it particularly interesting for start-ups and small companies; but it also support the needs of large, global leaders in software, games, publishing, music and business services that have long relied on e-Commerce.


The goal is your success in direct online trading like ‘Sokkenwol‘ . That is why it rely on product innovation and on technologies and functions that are designed to continuously increase sales. e-Commerce want to make your company future-proof in a fast-moving market it is a partner you can trust and with whom you can grow. From subscriptions to free trials, you are flexible in monetizing your products and managing your day-to-day business independently, and are already equipped with the necessary options. You will appreciate standardized and comprehensive reporting, which gives you a comprehensive insight into the data you need to start, grow and optimize your online business.