Web technology: Impact on society

There is no denying that technological progress and the use of web technology will advance at a speedy pace. These advances offer many significant opportunities, but they also present great challenges. Innovations in web technology today have a broad impact on many areas of society. For instance, Motorcyclelarry has created products that can meet the standards of the advanced technology.


The impact of web technology

Business models, trade and market structure

One important way that information technology affects work is by reducing distance. The geographical distribution of work is changing significantly in many industries. For example, software companies can check globally and compare prices. In addition, such arrangements can make use of the time differences in order to process critical projects quickly.

Job and labor market

Computers and communication technologies enable individuals to communicate in ways that complement traditional face-to-face, telephone, and written modes. They enable cooperation with distributed communities who rarely or never meet physically. These web technologies make use of communication infrastructures that are always available globally, allowing 24-hour activity between individuals, groups, and organizations. Social interaction in organizations is impaired by the use of computers and web technologies.


Web technology advances have greatly affected the teaching are by complementing the traditional way of instruction inside the classroom. On the other hand, an effective teacher has a different role to play rather than supervising the students. The instructor needs to motivate, encourage, evaluate, and develop students. For any topic, there is always a small percentage of students with the background, motivation, and self-discipline necessary to learn from self-learning workbooks or computer-based instruction. Advances in web technology are affecting the craft of teaching by complementing, rather than eliminating, traditional instruction in the classroom.

Private life and society

The increasing representation of a large number of contents in the digital form leads to a simpler and cheaper reproduction and distribution of information. This has mixed effects on the delivery of content. Content and information can be circulated at a lower unit cost.

The constant advances in web technology in computing are having a lot of economic and social implications in society.