What does a web developer do?

Web developers are currently in demand everywhere – whether in science, culture, retail, or industry. But especially in the technology industry, which is developing at the speed of light. The demand for specialists who can program is great.  The vektguiden has used a specialist for their site to be developed.

Job profile

Web developers are individuals who specialize in web technologies. They take care of the maintenance, development, and further development of the many apps and programs on a website and guarantees smooth interaction with users. Without the latest knowledge from the fields of SEO, conversion, or online marketing, you cannot deal with this line of work, since even the best sites are worthless if they cannot be found by the search engines and are not listed high up in the ranking.

Tasks and activities

Web developers sometimes work as freelancers or self-employed, but more often as employees in the Internet, media or full-service agencies or in IT departments of larger organizations such as companies, associations, and public service.

What does a web developer do?

  • Implementation of the requirements analysis
  • Creation of software design and architecture
  • Design and installation of the toolchain
  • Creation of the database design
  • Implementation of the productive code
  • Implementation of the automated tests
  • Maintenance and operation of the software installations

Hard skills and soft skills

Many different technologies come together in web development. Therefore, they have mastered all software development tools and, in addition to the various script, template and web-specific programming languages, also have graphic layouts in this tool case. The basic equipment includes HTTP, HTML, CSS, Java, C #, C ++, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, PHP and SQL.

As a front-end user, you have knowledge of JavaScript and with GUI frameworks.  And for backend professionals, HTTP, JavaScript, web services, and relational databases are the order of the day. They also have object-oriented programming in their repertoire.

In addition to technical knowledge, they also have methodical skills, for example in software architecture or requirements analysis. In addition to content management systems and templates, you will ideally also be familiar with test concepts. At any rate, you are a keen team worker and enjoy exchanging ideas with your colleagues.