Moving Forward in 2020 with Goals of Enhancing Your Business Website with AI

Today, anyone who operates a business fully understands and appreciates the advantages of using the web technologies afforded by the Internet.

Even small business owners have come to appreciate the convenience of AI when communicating with suppliers and service providers. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in one’s business website therefore can improve one’s own eCommerce operations. This is the case for MyPolishedConcrete in Australia (

After all, large e-commerce companies have long discovered the importance of AI in furnishing the needs of customers searching for goods or services online. Amazon for one is the best example of how AI has improved customer buying experience. The leading online store tailor-fits product-searches to the needs, interests and desires of a specific online shopper, using related data gathered by the AI in profiling that online customer.

AI enhanced websites are definitely the game changers for 2020, since relevant, personalized services make it easier and faster for customers to complete their online transactions. Although some may say that automating services by way of AI cannot replace the warmth and sincerity of interacting with humans to improve and further strengthen customer relations, Be in the know that AIs can also link to social media platforms; allowing entrepreneurs to deliver the human touch by connecting and communicating with customers via social media sites.

High Cost, the Stumbling Block that Prevents Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses from Using AI-Enhanced Web Technologies

The greatest obstacle in fulfilling plans of incorporating AI-enhanced web technologies to one’s business website is the high cost. Web hosting service providers naturally offer higher rates for AI-enhanced websites, since the development and creation of artificial intelligence is no simple feat. They require complex algorithms that allow websites to adjust whenever new data is added.

Moreover, AI use is not only for customizing and personalizing customers’ online experience. AI data inputs are also useful in formulating marketing strategies, in monitoring and analyzing retail sales, in streamlining supply chain management, in assisting IT management and most important of all, in strengthening cybersecurity management.

Importance of Including Web Technology Goals in One’s Business Plans

Business plan consultants give advice to include the use of web technology in discussing plans for one’s business, and mentioning AI can be an excellent differentiator. When presenting one’s business plan to back up applications for commercial loans or for inviting investors, describing the web technology supporting the business is an indication of an enterprise’s viability as a good investment.

Basically, business plans give business owners and their managers a clear picture of the pathways in which to steer the business. Inclusion of plans for AI web technologies will serve as milestones on which priorities, business directions and dates will be set, in order to achieve such goals.